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Four Mile District’s name is derived from the historic Four Mile House, which use to be a last stage stop on the trail to Denver and a watering hole and dance hall for travelers, this name is rooted in Glendale’s past as a center for entertainment in the area.


Founded by Rob Salazar, Central Street Capital Inc. includes Lola, Isiah, and Angelique Salazar. Alongside the family the company has a nimble team that looks forward to collaboration and building trust.


They have investments in real estate development projects, healthcare related companies, and operating businesses in a wide range of industries. Central Street Capital, Inc. operates as a private investment management company.


A strong local focus and connection to the Colorado community. Dating back to 1999, Rob and Lola Salazar established the Salazar Family Foundation, a non-profit, 501c(3) organization, to support educational causes throughout the Denver metropolitan area. This has established trust, commitment, and a long-term vision to the community.